Malware Remediation

Malware RemediationMalware Remediation

Libyan Roots can identify and remediate any malware on the client’s systems, also Libyan Roots will provide the client with a systematic process which allows the client to deal with malware from the time initially suspect or discover its presence, through to its removal.

Customer benefits of MR

  • Identify existing threats.
  • Protect employees and assets.
  • Protect networks.
  • Reduce internal and external risks.
  • Apply company’s policies more efficiently.
  • Maintain security through ongoing testing and discovery program.


The Service will provide the client with the following deliverables:

  • Comprehensive Malware report.
  • Systematic Antimalware process.
  • Antivirus Security Policy.
  • Internet Security Policy.
  • One day free Security Awareness Training. [5 Employees].
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