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Security Integration

Security Integration

Security Integration

We help our clients to align their security initiatives to their core business goals, allowing them to make the most optimized decisions when it comes to security initiatives and investments. We help them navigate the complex world of information security and decide what security is appropriate for each one of their unique cases.

Libyan Roots can support the client integrates security solutions with the current  business infrastructure , a wide range of solutions.

Libyan Roots provides a defense in Depth strategy, our consultants will work with the clients to provide security in layers in the client’s infrastructure and transparent solutions which will not disrupt any operational services and fully integrated with the current situation of the client’s infrastructure.

The security integration is flexible, added-value and effective to the client’s requirements, this type of service will be on demand and supported by our expertise.

This service can include a full network architecture review to provide a full DID [Defense in Depth] solution, DID Design or/and DID implementation. Each product provided will include a user guide and one day training

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